What is videography?

Videography camera lense

Videography is where someone will go to events such as weddings to capture videos or moving images. Each person who captures the event will be using electronic media devices. What is electronic media? Electronic media is device such as a tape, DVD/CD, hard drive or blue tooth this will change depending on the software the photographer will prefer to use when shooting a video. Videography is the production of the video that is being made from the start when preparation is key to the final product. Many companies will use more than one person when shooting a video depending on the scale of the shoot, for more bigger shoots or events there will usually be a team put together to capture detail. For videography to work it also needs someone that is a cinematographer this is someone who works with the film stock.


A cinematographer is referred as a director, this will include the individual to sort out the camera and lighting. It is important for the director to ensure where the equipment is going to be placed and start to plan the vision of the video this will mean including technical and artistic decisions and directly focusing their time on lens chose, composition, exposure, camera movement and more. An overall description of a cinematographer is the art and the science of the motion picture.


A Videographer will operate in smaller groups or usually working on their own. A videographer will operate the camera unlike a cinematographer, it is common for a Videographer to work with events such as small commercials, live TV, corporate productions and weddings. Comparing these two job roles together a cinematographer will work will large crews and has responsibilities for artistic and technical decision making. On the other hand, a videographer will mainly operate cameras with a much smaller level of production. Many a Videographer is now training to become a cinematographer as freelancing jobs in photography are becoming more available.